3 Unexpected Complications That Can Be Caused by Missing Teeth

a dental implant patient in tooth pain.

It may not seem like a big deal to lose one or a few teeth. However, failing to replace your missing teeth can lead to serious issues that can negatively impact your oral and overall health. To prevent these issues from developing, it’s important to receive dental implants in Berkeley, CA soon after you lose your teeth. Here are three unexpected complications that can be caused by missing teeth if they’re not quickly replaced.


Bone Loss

Did you know the roots of your teeth constantly stimulate your jaw bone and prevent it from losing mass over time? When the roots of a tooth are no longer there, the area directly beneath the site of tooth loss begins to degrade. Although the degradation process is generally slow, it can cause the shape of the jaw to change over time. If you have a periodontist quickly replace your missing teeth with implants, you can maintain your jaw bone health because implant posts stimulate the bone much like natural tooth roots do.


Bite Changes

When a tooth socket is left unfilled, the teeth around it naturally want to fill in the gap. As the teeth slowly shift into the empty space, the bite begins to change. When the teeth no longer fit together properly, it can become harder to eat certain foods and speak normally. Jaw problems like temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) can also develop when the bite is misaligned. Dental implants prevent bite changes by keeping the teeth in their proper positions.


Sinus Collapse

The roots of the upper teeth are close to the sinuses, so when one or more upper teeth are lost and not replaced, the sinus floor can start to collapse over time. If this happens, it can interfere with your ability to receive dental implants in the future.


Replace Your Missing Teeth

To avoid these potential complications from tooth loss, it’s important to talk to your periodontist about your tooth replacement options as soon as possible. You can arrange a consultation with Dr. Keith Chertok in Berkeley, CA today by calling his leading-edge practice.


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