Could Gum Recession Be Dangerous for Your Health?

gum recession before pinhole technique

If you have receding gums, you’ve probably noticed that your teeth seem to be larger than normal. However, in addition to this relatively mild aesthetic side effect, your receding gums could be quietly causing more serious problems. Here are a few ways untreated gum recession could affect your health, and why you should consider receiving the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™).


Oral Discomfort

Untreated gum recession can lead to oral discomfort, especially if your recession is so severe that your tooth roots are exposed. It’s wise to seek treatment when you first notice increased tooth sensitivity so your gums don’t’ continue to recede and cause you more pain than necessary.


Bone Loss

When your gums recede, they no longer provide adequate support to the teeth. As a result, the teeth can loosen or even fall out of the mouth completely. Additionally, as the gums recede, they can create deep gum pockets that trap bacteria. Over time, the bacteria can eat away at the tooth roots and the jaw bone. PST™ can prevent this from happening by restoring the gums to their proper position on the teeth.


Periodontal Disease

Gum recession is one of the symptoms of periodontal disease. If your receding gums are caused by this disease, it’s very important to receive treatment for the underlying condition first, then take care of your receding gum line. Gum disease is a painful condition that has been linked to diseases in other parts of the body (including heart disease, stroke and diabetes).


How PST™ Can Help

If you have gum recession, talk to your doctor about PST™. This minimally invasive procedure can restore your gum line without scalpel incisions or stitches. Dr. Keith Chertok offers PST™ as a gentle alternative to gum grafting procedures. To schedule your consultation and find out if you’re a candidate for PST™, call Keith Chertok’s practice today.


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