Fight Gum Disease for Your New Year’s Resolution

Living with symptoms of gum disease isn’t easy, even if you manage to keep them in check. Bacteria can consistently build up under the gums if proactive measures are not taken. If you are living with symptoms, make it your New Year’s resolution to work with a qualified periodontist who can help you move from living with the condition to recovering from it.


Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Many patients in every stage of gum disease don’t even realize that they are experiencing a protracted infection. That’s why you need to know the symptoms to watch out for; if you notice multiple symptoms, you need to make sure you talk to a qualified professional.

  • Gum redness and inflammation is often one of the first symptoms patients notice, along with increased sensitivity.
  • Bleeding may occur when brushing or flossing.
  • Halitosis sets in when the infection becomes chronic and the proliferation of bacteria begins to change the chemistry of your mouth.
  • Gum recession is a frequent symptom of moderate to severe gum disease, and if you notice it, you should consult a periodontist immediately.
  • Tooth and tissue loss is the result of the disease’s progression if left untreated, and it can even include the loss of vital jawbone tissue.

Start Out the New Year With a Healthy Smile

Fighting disease is simpler the earlier you start. If you are proactive about turning back symptoms before recession and tissue loss, the procedures and treatments used are minimally invasive. Regular cleaning and monitoring can prevent symptoms from escalating into periodontal disease.

Taking care of your gums requires vigilance and a healthy relationship with a professional who can help you decide when you need treatment and which ones are most effective. Give periodontist Dr. Chertok in our Berkeley, CA dental office a call today to schedule your next appointment and start the New Year off with a healthy smile.


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