How Bone Grafts Prepare You for Dental Implants

bone graft model

Losing your teeth is an unpleasant and often embarrassing experience. People lose teeth for a variety of reasons including injuries, trauma, cavities, infection, and gum disease. If you have experienced tooth loss for any reason do not be embarrassed, because you are not alone and there are practical solutions, including dental implants in Berkeley, CA.

Have You Been Missing Teeth for Several Years?

Dental implants are effective in giving you an attractive smile and comfortable bite again. However, if you have delayed getting your missing teeth replaced, your mouth may not be ready to support dental implants. Tooth loss results in bone deterioration. If you do not have strong bone structure, there is still hope. Getting a bone graft procedure will strengthen the integrity of your bone and prepare you for receiving dental implants in Berkeley, CA.

Safe and Effective

Dr. Keith Chertok knows how to rejuvenate your jawbone even if it has experienced deterioration. There are several ways bone grafting can be accomplished, including the following:

Taking bone from your body, such as your chin.
Using bone from a bone bank (taken from cadavers).
Relying on bovine (cow) bones when more bone is needed.

The type of procedure you experience relies on your preferences and Dr. Chertok’s expertise. You can be confident that each bone graft is treated with the utmost concerns for safety and effectiveness. No matter where the bone comes from it is properly screened to guarantee your health and safety. Bone grafting is a proven way to prepare patients for dental implants and has a very high success rate. Once the graft has fused with your jawbone and Dr. Chertok is confident in its strength, you will be ready to receive dental implants in Berkeley, CA.

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