Laser Gum Disease Treatment Makes Advances in Patient Care

a dentist holding a laser for gum disease treatment.

If you are looking at laser gum disease treatment in Berkeley, CA for the near future, you need to know about the new advances that have been made in this field. Modern laser gum treatment is more effective and more comfortable than in the past. More importantly, it is important to keep your gums healthy after your procedure.


Healthy Gums for a Healthy Body

Gum disease is an important health concern to keep on your radar, because if it develops and goes unchecked, there are serious health repercussions that can affect your entire body. Some are even life threatening:

  • Heart complications
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Pain
  • Loss of bone mass in the jaw
  • Tooth loss
  • Secondary infections

Gum disease treatment is designed to turn back the process of the disease by fighting infection and removing the affected tissue. Laser gum treatment goes even further.


How Laser Gum Treatments Work

There are a few different laser treatment methods that have been shown to help patients, but they all use the same basic principles. The laser is a beam of concentrated light capable of removing tissue and other matter, which lets the dentist slowly clean the area around the gums of any sign of infection. When applied early and followed up with proper oral hygiene, these treatments can remove all signs of infection, allowing gum disease patients to enjoy a fresh start and a renewed opportunity for a healthy mouth.

Follow-up care is important, as is understanding the particulars of the laser treatment your doctor uses. For more information about Dr. Chertok’s approach to laser gum treatment, call our Berkeley, CA office and schedule a consultation today. You can use the appointment to get answers to all of your questions, including whether or not you are a candidate for this procedure. Our associates are waiting to hear from you.


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