Prioritize Your Oral Health in 2016


Your oral health should be a primary focus this New Year, not just for how it aids your appearance, but also for its links to other potential issues such as heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications, and more. In addition to regular brushing and flossing, it is crucial to see a periodontist in Berkeley, CA, such as Dr. Keith Chertok on a routine basis. While any resolution is a great idea, consider taking the following actions for your oral and overall health.

Consume Less Sugar

Added sugars are often coined “empty calories” as they contain a great deal of calories and provide an absence of essential nutrients. Because of the link between excessive sugar ingestion and conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease, it is critical to limit the amount you take in. If you simply must have a sugary treat, eat it as a dessert immediately following a meal. There is generally more saliva in the mouth than usual after a meal, and it can help reduce the amount of damage that could otherwise be done.

Institute Money Saving Strategies

Many people make saving money a priority in the New Year, and you can do this by being diligent about oral care. Dental procedures are often very expensive undertakings, but in many cases they could have been prevented if the patient had been visiting his or her dental professional regularly and being diligent with brushing and flossing.

Make Sleep a Priority

People are busier than ever these days and often neglect getting enough sleep. However, poor sleep practices are linked to several oral concerns: canker sores, gum disease, jaw clenching and more. Therefore, making sleep a priority can improve your oral health along with a host of other benefits.

In addition to the above actions, make sure to see your dental professional regularly. Call Dr. Keith Chertok at our Berkeley, CA office and schedule an appointment today!


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