When Should You Get that Painful Tooth Removed?

tooth extraction

For many people, the idea of getting a tooth extracted from the mouth can be intimidating. For those who are unsure about the appropriate time to seek treatment for a tooth extraction in Berkeley, CA, keep in mind that there are many common reasons why this standard dental procedure may be required.


Signs You Might Need a Tooth Pulled

There are three primary reasons why you may require a tooth pulled. These include the following:

  • Your mouth is overcrowded – sometimes, you might need a tooth removed in order to align your teeth, allowing room for new ones.
  • A tooth has decayed – if decay extends to the pulp of even a single tooth, it may be in your best interests to have that tooth extracted.
  • There’s a risk of infection – if your immune system is compromised and one of your teeth is at risk of becoming infected, it is within the best course of action to remove the tooth.

Additionally, situational or extreme circumstances may arise, damaging the teeth to the point beyond repair, requiring a tooth to be extracted as an absolute necessity. It is important to notate that tooth extractions are only performed when no other viable options for restoring the tooth are available.


The Two Types of Extractions

There are two main types of tooth extractions: simple extractions and surgical extractions. In most cases, simple extractions are performed when there is no requirement for the tooth to be sectioned and surrounding gums do not require incisions. Comparatively, surgical extractions are most often performed when the tooth has yet to erupt through the gum line, the tooth has misaligned from the gum line, or the tooth appears difficult to remove.

If you’re looking for a periodontist in Berkley, CA, to discuss tooth removal procedures, please call Dr. Keith Chertok at our Berkeley, CA office and schedule an appointment today!


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