When Is It Time to Consider Dental Implants?

Has time, trauma, or disease robbed you of the beautiful smile that you once enjoyed? Not to worry; dental implants have made it possible for you to reclaim the radiant grin of your past, following tooth loss in Berkeley, CA. Many often have questions for Dr. Keith Chertok, and other members of our staff, about the appropriate time to consider dental implants over other treatment options.

The answer to that question is never easy, particularly because everyone’s case is different. If you are currently contemplating this question, understand that this is a deeply personal decision that should only be made after careful consideration. With that being said, here are some scenarios in which you may want to choose dental implants as your preferred treatment option.


To Avoid Bone Loss

Missing teeth can ultimately result the deterioration of your jaw bone. Not only can this drastically alter your facial appearance, but it can also make you more subject to certain forms of periodontal bacteria. Dental implants help support your jaw bone by filling in gaps in your mouth, and they can also actually stimulate the growth of new, healthy bone.


To Minimize the Amount of Needed Post-Operative Care

While routine visits to the dentist are still required to help maintain your dental implants, they have been proven to be one of the more reliable, long-lasting treatment options in combating the effects of tooth loss.


To Get the Closest to Reclaiming Your Original Smile

Dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function just like natural teeth, uneasily distinguishable by outside observers who are unable to tell the difference. If you want to return to consuming the same foods and speaking the same way you did prior to your tooth loss, implants are the best possible choice.

Dental implants may offer you the chance to finally overcome the obstacles, where tooth loss has hindered you. Dr. Chertok is ready and waiting to provide you with these high quality treatment options. The start of your journey back to enjoying a bright, healthy smile may just be a simple phone call away. Contact our Berkeley, CA office today to schedule an appointment.


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