Why You Shouldn’t Fear Dental Treatments

Americans often expect a trip to the periodontist to be an unnerving experience. Most have visions of pain and discomfort throughout the entire visit. Fortunately, with new advances in dental technology and easy ways to deal with dental anxiety through sedation dentistry in Berkeley, CA, a trip to any dental professional can be not only beneficial but relaxing as well.

Dental fear and anxiety can develop from a young age and come from a variety of different situations. The important step is to counteract the fear before it becomes a problem that results in poor oral health for life.


Distractions to Help You Relax

If you are nervous about a dental visit or procedure, try bringing an electronic device that can help distract you from your treatment. Many periodontists and dentist have big screen TVs above the chairs to ensure that you can relax while your procedure is in progress. Anything you can do to distract yourself from treatment will help you to calm your anxiety and fear.


Ask Questions

Just because your periodontist is the professional doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t question or ask about recommended treatment . Feel free to discuss your treatment with your doctor so that you feel calm before your treatment starts. Talk to your doctor about any problems you’ve had in the past so he or she can head those things off before they cause you extreme anxiety.

Just discussing your feelings with your periodontist may put you at ease before you even sit in the chair.


Sedation Dentistry

Many doctors use sedation dentistry for those who just can’t seem to get their dental fear under control. Different levels and medications are available depending on your preference or your procedure. You may inhale nitrous oxide to relax, take a pill orally, or have an IV that administers drugs while you undergo treatment. This is a decision you should make with your doctor before you start the process. 


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