New Treatment Options for Patients With Gum Disease

Gum disease is an oral health concern that can advance significantly over several years. It is most easily treated in the early stages, but many people are unaware that they are affected or that they require gum disease treatment. Dr. Keith Chertok practices laser dentistry in Berkeley, CA to make gum disease management simpler and more effective for patients.


LANAP® Treatment for Gum Disease

The LANAP® system is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional forms of gum disease treatment. During a LANAP® treatment, gum tissue is not cut or stitched, so patients experience less pain during and after the procedure. The LANAP® laser kills the harmful bacteria under the gum line and leaves healthy tissue intact.

The bacterial deposits characteristic of moderate to severe stages of gum disease develop in small pockets between gum tissue and teeth. If these pockets of infection are not treated, many different complications may arise. Signs of gum disease include:

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Gums that bleed when brushing or flossing
  • Red, tender or swollen gum tissue
  • Gums pulling away from tooth surfaces

Gum disease has been linked with several other health concerns, including heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Treating this oral health problem can help patients enjoy better overall health.


A Better Treatment Experience

Until fairly recently, the only surgical intervention for treating gum disease involved cutting tissue to remove bacteria and diseased tissue, the remaining gum tissue would then be stitched back together. The LANAP® laser dentistry system offers a valuable alternative to this traditional treatment and offers more predictable results. The patient enjoys a less painful recovery period and less downtime overall.

LANAP® treatment is also a very safe treatment that has no contraindications. The procedure can help patients save their natural teeth and can even be used to stimulate bone and tissue regeneration.


Treat Gum Disease Today

Dr. Chertok and his care team are ready to help patients experience a new level of periodontal care. If you have questions or concerns about the health of your teeth and gums, or want to explore your gum disease treatment options, call Dr. Keith Chertok at our Berkeley, CA office and schedule an appointment today!


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