Preventing Gum Disease Over the Summer Through Proper Brushing

dental patient brushing teeth

Summer brings out a significant amount of fun and a wide array of memorable experiences. When you’re enjoying summer to the fullest extent, the health of your mouth might be the farthest concern from your mind. There are many bad breath culprits that assault your mouth over those hot months, which create an even greater need for proper oral hygiene. A fun and healthy summer, free of bad breath and other dental complications, begins with proper brushing.


The Tools

Your periodontist in Berkeley, CA, will inform you that proper oral hygiene starts with a good toothbrush. Toothbrushes come in a variety of bristle types. It is best to choose softer bristles, in order to better protect your tooth enamel and gums. You should invest in a new toothbrush every three months, making summer the perfect time to treat yourself to a good brush. For the best oral health, you should also pick up some floss and a tongue scraper.


The Technique

The most effective technique for brushing your teeth is to hold the brush at a 45-degree angle, using short strokes back and forth. Hold the brush vertically and move it up and down, to get the inner surfaces of your teeth. Don’t forget about gently brushing your tongue or using a tongue scraper when you are finished with brushing your teeth.


The Time

Although you might be in a rush to get out the door and on to your next summer adventure, it is imperative that you brush your teeth for the proper amount of time. Two minutes, is generally the recommended amount, to get your teeth thoroughly clean. You can spend longer, if you want, but do not shorten that time frame by any means.


The Amount

Brushing your teeth, at the minimum of twice a day, is ideal for optimal oral hygiene. You can brush more often, but remember to at least brush in the morning after breakfast and at night before you go to bed.


Getting Back to the Basics

A healthy mouth begins with the very basics: proper brushing of your teeth. Don’t forget to schedule a checkup this summer with your periodontist in Berkeley, CA. You can ensure your mouth and gums remain healthy, as well as receive additional tips on keeping your teeth and mouth clean this summer. call Dr. Keith Chertok at our Berkeley, CA office and schedule an appointment today!


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